Podcasts I listen to

The list of podcasts I listen to ... or listened to in the past.
created by on 2015-07-12

Ongoing Podcasts

I will update this list as time goes by. No special sort order.


Hanselminutes - Website
Hanselminutes - RSS Feed

.NET Rocks!

.NET Rocks! - Website
.NET Rocks! - RSS Feed

Herding Code

Herding Code - Website
Herding Code - RSS Feed

CRE (a.k.a. Chaos Radio Express)

CRE - Website
CRE - RSS Feed


raumzeit - Website
raumzeit - RSS Feed

Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio - Website
Software Engineering Radio - RSS Feed

Azure Friday

Azure Friday - Website
Azure Friday - RSS Feed

NDR Info - Zeitzeichen

Zeitzeichen - Website
Zeitzeichen - RSS Feed

This Developer’s Life

This Developer’s Life - Website
This Developer’s Life - RSS Feed


NodeUp - Website
NodeUp - RSS Feed


Alternativlos! - Website
Alternativlos! - RSS Feed

The StackExchange Podcast

StackExchange Podcast - Website
StackExchange Podcast - RSS Feed

SoftwareArchitekTOUR Podcast

SoftwareArchitekTOUR Podcast - Website
SoftwareArchitekTOUR Podcast - RSS Feed

Freak Show

Freak Show - Website
Freak Show - RSS Feed

Legacy Podcasts

These are some of the podcasts I listened to in the past:

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