WD-TV Live Update with custom firmware

Installing WDLXTV on my WD TV Live Media Player.
created by on 2013-01-14

My Device

WD TV Live Media Player
Firmware version: 1.06.34_V

Installation Steps

  1. Check the version number of your currently installed firmware (Goto: Settings > System Settings > About). Mine was version “1.06.34_V” before I installed XDLXTV.
  2. Format an USB stick with a FA32 file system.
  3. Download the latest firmware (>100 MB) from the WD TV Live section of the XDLXTV Forum.
    • Be sure do download the “flash” version. The “non-flash” version does not install permanently.
  4. Extract the zip file and copy the following files to the stick
    • wdtvlive.ver (Note: Update the version number in the text file for example to “1.06.35_V” if the version number in the text file is lower than the one you have currently installed)
    • wdtvlive.bin
    • wdtvlive.fff (if provided)
  5. Plug the power cord from your WDTV Live box.
  6. Stick the USB stick into the left USB port.
  7. Plug the power back in. Then the box will boot and display the “New Firmware Found” dialog.
    • Select the option and install the new firmware version.

The whole installation process took me about 15 minutes (Excluding the download of the XDLXTV firmware. This took about 20 minutes extra).


  1. Connect to your WDTV Live box via telnet.

Set a SSH password using telnet. The username and the password can be found in the README file that comes with the firmware (in my case the username was “root” without a password):


Visit the WDLXTV wiki for further details on how to change your SSH password: http://wiki.wdlxtv.com/Set_SSH_password

  1. Change the password.

Change the password of the user you loged in with (“root”) using the “passwd” command:

  1. Close the telnet session.

Enter “exit” in the telnet window.s

  1. Reconnect using SSH.
ssh -l root
  1. Activate the Web-Interface.
config_tool -c APACHE='ON'
config_tool -s
/etc/init.d/S66apache2 start
  1. Restart the box.

Enter “reboot” in your ssh session.


Check out the Web Interface (WDLXTV-Webend)

Enter the ip-address of your WDTV box in your browser and enter the default username and password “wdlxtv”:

Change the web interface password. > Systems tools > Change Webend PW


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