Using dotfile-repositories (with dotman)

A short introduction on how to install my public vim/dotfile repositories (with dotman).
created by on 2014-08-07

I’ve got a repository for my vim settings:
Another repository for all my bash settings:

And then I’ve got a meta-repository that combines the vim and bash settings in a single project:

The dotman-projects are structured like modman projects. The mapping between source and target paths is done in the dotman file.

If you want to install the dotfile repositories you can do this directly with dotman:

1. download dotman

curl -L | tar xz
mv dotman_0.1.1-dev_linux_amd64/dotman /usr/bin

2. Download the Dotfile repository (with dotman)

dotman clone [email protected]:andreaskoch/dotfiles-public.git

3. Deploy the dotfiles with dotman:

cd dotfiles-public
dotman deploy

If you are not sure what dotman will do if you execute the “deploy” action you can use the -whatif flag:

dotman -whatif deploy

This will print out which file would be copied where - without actually copying files.

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