Using Atom as your Markdown Editor

The Atom Editor comes with a really useful markdown preview.
created by on 2015-05-31

I have been using quite a few different Markdown Editors and preview tools over the years:

For me the beauty of Markdown is that most of the time you don’t need a live preview. Only every now and then I would like to see how the end-result will look like. And that’s were Atoms’ Markdown Preview becomes really useful:

Atom is a great text editor that I can use on every operating system and when I want markdown preview I just hit <ctrl> + <shift> + <M>:

Animation: Using the Markdown Live Preview of the Atom Editor on a markdown README

But there is also a drawback: If the Markdown documents get really big and/or contain many fenced code blocks the live preview cause a high CPU load. I believe that this is a bug that might get fixed at some point.


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