Refresh the Windows Icon Cache

Delete the the Windows icon cache to force the Windows explorer to reload the icons of existing desktop shortcuts.
created by on 2013-07-01

Sometimes when an application gets a new icon after after an update Windows just won’t display use the new icon.

Steps to clear your icon cache

  1. Open your task manager and kill all instances of explorer.exe:

Windows Taskmanager with two running instances of explorer.exe

You can open the Task Manager by pressing: <ctrl> + <shift> + <esc>

  1. Open a command prompt and delete the file %userprofile%\appdata\local\iconcache.db:
cd %userprofile%\appdata\local
del iconcache.db /a
  1. Start a new instance of explorer.exe

A video showing the steps can be found at YouTube:

YouTube - Win7Tuts4U - Fix Corrupted/White/Broken Shortcut Icons In Windows 7
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