Review of my new Pocketbook Pro 903

I bought myself a Pocketbook Pro 903 (3G, Touchscreen) eBook reader a couple of month ago and I didn't regret it: Here is short review of my experiences and some real-world pictures of the device.
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I have been tempted to buy an eBook reader for several month last year and finally made up my mind in January and bought myself a Pocketbook 903
(thanks to my co-worker Markus Greuel).

Reasons to buy an eBook reader

Why buy an device which costs as much as 15 to 40 books?

I might seem absurd to buy an eBook reader if the device itself costs as much as a whole shelf full of books, but it is totally worth it …

Arguments against eBook readers

Even though there are some good (for me) to use an eBook reader such as the Pocketbook, there are although some more objective reasons not buy such a device.

I would love it, if book publishers would offer their paper-books bundled with an electronic version of the book (for a fair price). This way wouldn’t have to decide between the physical and the electronic version. Because if I read an interesting book I like to “own” it. And having a stupid file on my eBook reader flash drive doesn’t quite feel like “owning” the book.

Which eBook Reader is the best?

These days it is quite hard to buy an e-Book reader, because there are quite a lot of different devices available. And there are more and more tablet computers which are advertised as e-Book readers, but be careful:

If an e-Book reader (or e-reader) does not have an E Ink display it is not an e-Book reader โ€“ you cannot read books on a “normal” computer screen.

In the class of (real) E-Ink e-Book readers there is of course most prominently Amazon’s Kindle. But there are several other book retailers and consumer electronics manufacturers which are offering e-Book readers:

Even though I am sure that there are many more e-readers on the market,
this short list of e-readers illustrates how difficult it can become
to pick a good e-book reader that meets your requirements.

These are the seven requirements that were important
to me for picking one of the e-Book readers (in that order):

E-ink displays appear just like normal paper, and that is exactly what an e-Book reader must provide.

A colleague of mine had a PocketBook 602 with a six inch display and recently bought the larger 902, because he couldn’t stand the small screen any longer.

โ†’ Bigger is Better

โ†’ The more file formats are supported the better.

You should also check out the Wikipedia article about the different e-Book formats:
Comparison of e-book formats

A really good overview over all available e-Readers can be found on Wikipedia. The article lists all known devices and their manufacturers and compares their features and the supported e-Book formats:

I can highly recommend the article, as it helped me to find the
e-reader that has the best features, the biggest screen and the longest list of supported file-formats:

Why did I choose the PocketBook 903?

I originally planned on buying Amazon’s Kindle DX, because I though that Amazon’s device must be the best one available … because it’s from AMAZON.

But then I thought about it again, and I decided that I don’t want to buy an e-Book reader from the same company that sells the e-Books โ€“ they might not be too interested in supporting file formats other their own proprietary AZW e-Book format.

And additionally, if you have look at the Wikipedia article “Comparison of e-book readers”, you can easily see that the Amazon Kindle is not the most versatile e-reader on the market. According to the Wikipedia comparison it’s the PocketBook devices that have best features and the longest list of supported file-formats.

In the end I chose the PocketBook Pro 903, because a co-worker of mine has a PocketBook 602 which likes a lot โ€“ except for its screen size. And so I chose the bigger version of the otherwise almost identical device.

Review of my PocketBook Pro 903 e-Reader

I’ve used my PocketBook for about two month now and I love it:

This could be better, but it doesn’t bother me much. Its only interesting that ePub is so much slower than PDF, but I think this is because ePub files have to be rendered first.

Let me know if you have a device that is faster ๐Ÿ˜„


The PocketBook has many neat features such as:

… which I haven’t used much. In the end I only want to use the device to read e-Books. But maybe I will use them some day ๐Ÿ˜„

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Here are some links that help help you decide which e-Book reader is the best for your requirements:


The PocketBook is great device and I am totally into e-Books now.

Go buy an e-Book reader!

โ€“ Andreas Koch



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