Sounds for Programming - 32c3 Toilet Party Ambient Sound

Some ambient sound for programming and better focus from Chaos Communication Congress 2015 32c3 in Hamburg recorded at the 3rd day of 32c3 with the Toilet Party nearby
created by on 2016-03-19

Sometimes I need some background music or ambient sounds to help me focus while I am programming. I regularly use Carl Franklin’s Music to Code By or ambient sound websites like Coffivity.

But when I was at the 32c3 congress this year I didn’t need any of those. The sound of the crowd at congress was just perfect. It was arround 10 p.m on the third day of 32c3 and I was coding at a table near the 3D-printing area and the Sendezentrum and it was glorious. Occasional beats from the nearby toilet party*, great background murmur and a great spirit in the room. The perfect atmosphere for some coding.

… I just hit the record button**. Since then I have listened to the recording many times. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too ๐Ÿ˜„

Sounds for Programming - 32c3 Toilet Party Ambient Sound

Soundcloud: Sounds for Programming - 32c3 Toilet Party Ambient Sound

32c3 Toilet Party Ambient Sound Cover

* Here are some links if you don’t know what the legendary toilet party is

** It tried to make sure that I did not record any conversations - just inaudible murmur. If you still recognize someone speaking and are not okay with it; ping me and I will remove that part.

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